WellPregnancy breastfeeding/chestfeeding classes can help you prepare for success. Schedule an interactive, virtual class now for your third trimester. The more you understand before your baby is born, the easier learning to feed your baby will be.

To schedule a class for your third trimester email Julie (at) WellPregnancy.com.

A private prenatal class with lactation consultant Julie Brill, IBCLC, CCCE is tailored to your needs and questions.

When families take a breastfeeding class during pregnancy they have a better understanding of how breastfeeding works, and what to expect when feeding and caring for their newborn. The more you know about latch before your baby is born, the less likely you are to have issues with nipple soreness postpartum.

Classes usually cover:

  • Demand and supply: how you make milk and how to protect your supply
  • The early days: the importance of nursing early and often and what life with a new baby looks like
  • Newborn behavior: how to know when your baby is hungry, satisfied, and getting enough to eat
  • The mechanics of latch: what an effective latch looks and feels like
  • Tips and tricks: ways to make it easier as you learn to breastfeed
  • Milk removal and storage: pumping, hand expression, and how to store your precious milk

Private classes are held on Zoom at a time that is mutually convenient. They are 1.5 hours and tuition is $250. Your health insurance may reimburse you for this class.

To schedule a class for your third trimester email Julie (at) WellPregnancy.com.

"My husband and I first felt a connection to Julie at her excellent breastfeeding course. With a great mix of humor and historical perspective, she delivered an entertaining and enlightening class that was perfect for first-time parents!

Once our baby was born, we experienced some early challenges with our daughter's weight loss and a delay in my milk production. We knew we needed a calm and thoughtful coach in this situation, and we immediately thought of Julie. After two sessions at our home, we had a better understanding of the situation and received a thorough list of tips and recommendations on what could help. Beyond those initial consults, Julie has continued to be a great source of support—I definitely consider her part of our "team of experts" and have been happy to recommend her to other new moms in my circle!"

Melissa M. in Medford