WellPregnancy childbirth educator trainings prepare you to teach evidence-based information and labor skills that work in engaging, memorable ways.

Families want to learn their options! Register now and be on your way to being certified with CAPPA.

Pregnant people and their families need quality childbirth education that increases their confidence, normalizes pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding/chest feeding, teaches informed decision making, and practices effective contraction rituals and support techniques.

We remember giving birth our whole lives. Help make that memory a positive one for others! Invest in your future and prepare for a job you'll love! Learn to empower parents with evidence-based information and skills. Be on your way to becoming certified with CAPPA, the largest childbirth education organization in the world. Eighteen CEUs available.


Join us for a childbirth educator training in an interactive, online format  Nov. 19-22 (Tues-Fri) 12-4:30ET.

Tuition is $600 which includes the eighteen-hour training, the manual, a one-year CAPPA membership, and support from Julie Brill, IBCLC, CCCE, CLD who has taught childbirth classes to thousands of pregnant families over the last 32 years.

All WellPregnancy students are invited to join the WellPregnancy Facebook support group.

Checkout our FAQ for more information on becoming a childbirth educator, and click here to learn about what some WellPregnancy students are doing with their training. See the top ten reasons to take a WellPregnancy training.

Don't let distance be a barrier to attending! Many students travel to attend and Julie can help you find a roommate and suggest local accommodations.

"Julie's CBE training provides an up to date, well rounded basis for starting to teach Childbirth classes. Her experience and knowledge in the field are extensive. What was more important to me is that the information is presented in an open,comfortable, sharing environment. Julie allows open discussion on topics and still keeps the class on task and focused. I loved that she walked us through planning our actual classes. For me, the marketing component was invaluable. She clearly cares about her students having successful businesses. Knowing exactly how to use the information you learn to go home and start a business, means you can dive right in. We left a roomful of empowered women on a mission to help families have great birth experiences."

- Paula N. on Facebook

Childbirth educator training topics in this fun, two-day intensive include:

  • Developing your teaching skills to turn your passion for birth into a career
  • Learning how to create and teach educational, relevant, and engaging classes for pregnant women and their birth partners in your community
  • Improving nutrition during pregnancy, postpartum, and lactation
  • Demonstrating positions for labor and birth
  • Describing the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labor, and postpartum
  • Explaining fundamentals of labor and birth
  • Enhancing your understanding of the birth process
  • Providing proven pain-coping techniques for labor
  • Identifying ways to engage and prepare birth partners
  • Using the risk/benefit model to teach medications, interventions, and cesarean birth
  • Preparing parents for postpartum, breastfeeding and possible unexpected outcomes
  • Teaching strategies for various types of adult learners
  • Implementing curriculum development
  • Learning through student teaching opportunity
  • Marketing your services

"Julie's CBE training was a fantastic foundation to the childbirth education classes I now teach and for the additional education that I provide as a birth and postpartum doula. I highly recommend it!! Thank you Julie :)"

- Jodi K. on Facebook

These intensive trainings are taught by veteran educator Julie Brill, CCCE, CLD, IBCLC who has mentored hundreds of CAPPA professionals and taught thousands of pregnant families.

She will be available to mentor you as you go through your certification process, begin teaching, and beyond. All trainings are approved by CAPPA, which offers the highest level of evidence-based training available and is the fastest growing childbirth education organization in the world. Trainings are a major step in the CAPPA certification process. CAPPA is the only organization to certify labor and postpartum doulas, childbirth, lactation and new parent educators and prenatal fitness instructors. For information about certification requirements, please visit www.cappa.net. An accelerated childbirth educator certification track is available for registered nurses, midwives, chiropractors, and some certified doulas and experienced childbirth educators. Student nurses are welcome at all trainings. No medical background is required.

Questions? Please email Julie (at) WellPregnancy.com.

Julie and Ella

"For twenty-nine years I've been teaching childbirth classes to families who plan to birth at home, in hospitals, and birth centers. I have had thousands of students who plan natural births, want epidurals, and schedule cesarean births.

My students have been young and not so young, straight and LGBTQ, well off and poor, and have belonged to a wide variety of ethnic, racial, and religious groups. Despite their differences, they have come together in class united by their pregnancies and their desire to prepare for their births.

I've learned so much and feel blessed to be doing this work. If you want to learn how to be a childbirth educator, I want to be your mentor."

- Julie Brill, CCCE, CLD, IBCLC