Deepen Your Knowledge About Marketing, Self Care, Perinatal Chiropractic, and Premature Birth!

Join us for a full day of continuing education for birth professionals as we delve deeper into the topics of self care, marketing your birth business, chiropractic for the perinatal period, and prematurity and the prevention of preterm later. Our day will end with a screening of Guerrilla Midwife, a documentary covering the work of midwife Robin Lim, a CNN Hero of the Year. Treat yourself to a day spent in the company of peers and earn 6 CAPPA CEUs.

Self Care for Birth Professionals with Julie Brill, CCCE, CLD, CAPPA Faculty

When was the last time you treated yourself to something you love? As birth professionals we specialize in caring for others. Many of us work long hours, are on call round the clock, and also care for own families. We may be in the habit of putting our own needs last, putting us at risk for suffering from burnout. This workshop will give you the opportunity to focus on your own needs and even take a mini vacation from the demands of your daily life. We’ll learn from each other about what works for self care, eat chocolate mindfully, laugh together, and get inspired!

Marketing Your Birth Business with Jodi Krentzman, CPD, CCCE, CAPPA Faculty

What marketing practices do successful birth business owners employ? What steps can you take to help attract more clients and increase your income? Guest WellPregnancy instructor Jodi Krentzman of Hip to Heart will share the tips and tricks of marketing, what works and what to avoid. Topics will include business cards, web sites, logos, networking, and record keeping. Come with your marketing questions!

Chiropractic Care in the Childbearing Year with Lizzie Sobel, DC of Wholesome Healing Chiropractic

Did you know that regular chiropractic treatments can help with fertility, offer physical support throughout pregnancy, prepare the body and mind for childbirth, help post partum recovery, and benefit newborns? Learn what benefits chiropractic treatment offers women, why it is so essential in the perinatal period, and when it is appropriate for other birth professionals to refer their clients to a chiropractor. Understand what the chiropractic adjustment is and how it influences the body’s central nervous system. Appreciate why pregnancy brings on many common aches and pain, why chiropractic treatments are so effective for these concerns, and how chiropractors address physical, emotional, and chemical stress in the body, which can affect pregnancy and birth.  Learn what the Webster technique is and why is it so effective in helping with baby positional issues such as breech, transverse, and occiput posterior presentations. Practice hands on techniques to use with your clients throughout pregnancy and during active labor.

Understanding the Needs of Preemie Families with Jenny Everett King, CCCE, doula, birth photographer, and mother of three, one of whom was born at 31 weeks gestation 

Develop a deeper knowledge of the most effective ways to support families who find themselves in special needs situations, and learn how to address the complicated emotions that may accompany a NICU stay. This workshop will address the needs of parents and babies who experience preterm birth, and is designed to help birth workers understand the details of prematurity, including lactation support when baby is unable to breastfeed and the benefits of skin-to-skin care for preemies. We will also discuss options for preventing preterm birth and the unique needs of mothers who find themselves putting extra effort into carrying to term. WellPregnancy’s guest instructor, Jenny Everett King is in the process of chronicling her experience of minimizing the risk of preterm delivery with her current pregnancy at

Join us April 13 from 9:30to 5:15 in Westford, MA for a full day of workshops. Cost for all four workshops, including  6 CAPPA CEUs, is $120 when you register by March 15, or $135 afterwards. Self Care and Marketing Your Birth Business from 9:30 to 12:30 and 3 CAPPA CEUs is $65 by March 15, or $75 afterwards. Chiropractic in the Childbearing Year and Understanding the Needs of Preemie Families from 1:00 to 4:00 and 3 CAPPA CEUs is $65 by February 15, or $75 afterwards. Join us from 4:15 to 5:15 for a free screening of Robin Lim’s Guerrilla Midwife. All donations from the screening will go directly to support Robin’s work at Bumi Sehat. To register please send your name and cell phone number to Julie at Please send your tuition through Paypal to Julie at If you prefer to send a check, please note that in your email and check writing info will be emailed to you. No refunds will be given except in the event of workshop cancellation, but you may transfer your registration to another student. If you miss the workshop to attend a birth, you may transfer your tuition to another WellPregnancy workshop or training. In the event of instructor emergency, every attempt will be made to provide a substitute workshop on a relevant perinatal topic.