Doulas! 8 Compelling Reasons to Become a Childbirth Educator:

  1. You’re already doing informal childbirth education in person, and by phone, text, email, and Facebook message. Offer formal classes and you’ll get paid to spend more in person time prenatally, getting to know your clients, and less time answering questions piecemeal.
  1. You’ll know your clients are receiving top quality childbirth education.
  1. Being able to offer childbirth education is a great selling point at interviews. You can offer doula/cbe packages.
  1. Your childbirth education students may hire you as a doula.
  1. Diversify your birth business! Earn money for work that doesn’t require you to be on call. Prevent burnout.
  1. There is much overlap between doula and cbe certification requirements. Your doula births can count towards cbe certification. Many of the books on the required reading list are the same.
  1. Your doula experiences will enhance your ability to teach cbe. You know firsthand what really works during labor, and the birth practices in your community.
  1. Childbirth educator training and certification is an investment in you and your business. Doulas with cbe certification can earn more for births because they have more to offer clients.

Julie Brill, CCCE, CLD, has been teaching CAPPA-approved childbirth educator and labor doula trainings in New England since 2003. Her next childbirth educator training is April 30-May 1 in Westford, MA. Registration is at